Khukuri Imports Ltd

We import the finest hand made Khukuris from Nepal to New Zealand. We can supply to retailers or individuals.


The directors of Khukuri Imports Ltd have a combined family history with Gurkha soldiers going back over 100 years. Some of our ancestors served with the Gurkha units and were awarded for valour while doing so. Medals including a Victoria Cross at Nilt and a Military Cross in Burma.

We have therefore been brought up to respect the Gurkha soldiers, the Nepalese people and the Kamis who make these traditional knives. We exclusively import and distribute hand made khukuris from Khukuri House in Nepal who in turn are a company owned and run by ex Gurkhas who treat and pay their Kamis fairly.

When you buy a khukuri from Khukuri Imports Ltd you can be assured of genuine quality that will last a lifetime if treated with the respect that each khukuri deserves.

"Namaste" from the directors of Khukuri Imports Ltd.