Khukuri Imports Ltd

We import the finest hand made Khukuris from Nepal to New Zealand. We can supply to retailers or individuals.




PO Box 13003, Tauranga 3141, New Zealand

Phone +64 7 576 9500

Cell +64 27 545 8069


Khukuri Imports Ltd are the exclusive registered New Zealand wholesale importers of products from Khukuri House of Nepal. Khukuri House are the official supplier to the British Army Gurkha units, the Gurkha Contingent of Singapore Police and the Gurkha Reserve Unit of Brunei. Khukuri House is owned and run by ex Gurkhas.

The khukuris we import are made by skilled Kamis (Khukuri Makers) in a child labour free industry. All of our khukuris are hand made using traditional methods from the highest quality materials all of which are certified as being non-prohibited domestic raw materials.

The principals of Khukuri Imports Ltd have a combined association with the Gurkhas that goes back over 100 years. We have khukuris in our blood and will only associate ourselves with the genuine article. When you buy from us you can have confidence that you are being supplied with a genuine khukuri that has been hand made in Nepal and that the Kami is being fairly paid.